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Aug. 12, 2021

“She Ain’t Got No Arms?!” Truth without the Dare with Kevin and Lola

“She Ain’t Got No Arms?!” Truth without the Dare with Kevin and Lola

In today’s episode we sit down and use Poddecks once again and crack open the How Dare You deck and answer some wild questions. Planes only fill up enough for your destination apparently and Lola doesn’t want to get on a cruise ship because she’s afraid of dying in the water. Lola remembers the time she lost her bikini bottoms in a lake with friends and found them just before they got lost in the abyss. One question had Kevin so heated he almost needed a minute to compose himself.  Y’all already know we didn’t stay on topic the whole time so let's go!

Happy Hump Day!


Some Topics in this Episode:

Wu Tang an American Saga


2 Live Crew 

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