Sept. 24, 2021

“It’s All About Give and Take” How To Make, Keep, and Strengthen Your Friendships

“It’s All About Give and Take” How To Make, Keep, and Strengthen Your Friendships
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As we get ready to head out the door for Adult Day I thought it would be a great day to talk all about friendship. Today’s episode is about how to be a better friend. How to make friends if you don’t have any or you’ve just moved to a new area. I also talk about how to be a good friend because sometimes people think they’re great friends and their other friends feel like they’re being taken advantage of all the time or you may have hurt a friends’ feelings and either don’t realize it or you didn’t think what you said or did was that bad. In today’s episode I help you look at your current friendships and reevaluate as well as how to make new friendships in the process.  


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