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July 21, 2021

“I Can’t Date You If You’re Poor” Random Relationship Questions with Kevin Harris of The Rad Factory

“I Can’t Date You If You’re Poor” Random Relationship Questions with Kevin Harris of The Rad Factory

In today’s episode I’m having an unscripted random conversation on the couch with my husband and I ask and we answer Relationship questions from Poddecks Relationship Deck. Please be warned now!! Today’s episode is not for children. It’s a little, no, a lot more risqué than past episodes, lol.  Also, for anyone who does know my husband knows he has no filter and is a verrryyy open book, lmao. But if ya don’t know. Now ya know. So, the kids should probably have headphones on if you can’t get rid of them for the next hour, lol. Enjoy!

Happy Hump Day!


Some Topics in this Episode:

Kevin’s longing for New York food most importantly @katzsdeli and Pies and Thighs. 2 spots we hit every NY trip without fail. 
Netflix, Traveling, Facebook disabling profiles, TikTok, Tinder, and Dating through Instagram DMs. 
Kevin shares his feelings on butthole pictures on dating apps
Terribly angled Dick pics
Lola wants to body swap with Thor and Kevin wants to body swap with Rihanna so he can be inappropriate all day long
How Kevin fumbled the ball with his Australian sugar mama and more

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