Nov. 4, 2020

From Stressed and Depressed to CEO!: Interview With Jessica Howard of J Revive

From Stressed and Depressed to CEO!: Interview With Jessica Howard of J Revive
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Hey guys and welcome back to the podcast. Today we get to interview fun and inspiring guest Jessica Howard. 

She’s the CEO of 👇🏽

J Revive

Professional hairstylist 

Sells 100% organic pure African Shea butter (all-natural unrefined raw and natural oils. 

J&R Elite Designs

Customs clothing, hats, decals, business cards, and more. 

Trap Star Vendors

Works with Musical entertainment and black-owned businesses to help promote and showcase their businesses. 

Born and raised in Baltimore city. She’s a Graduate of Fortis Institute for Cosmetology and the University of Phoenix for Business Management. She was diagnosed with MS in 2018 AND She’s a single mother of a son as well. Today we’re going to talk about her life and journey and how she overcame a deep depression and sadness after her diagnosis and a break up after 10 years. We discuss her steps to success and how she climbed out of her depression and the hole she was in to start not 1 but 3 businesses on her own in a matter of 1 year. 

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