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Dec. 2, 2020

“Blended To Perfection”-Interview with Nicole Odom-Hardnett

“Blended To Perfection”-Interview with Nicole Odom-Hardnett

Hey guys and welcome back to the Podcast. In today’s episode, I sit and talk with Nicole Odom-Hardnett all about Blended Families, her new book that's coming out this December, dating with kids, how to make the transition of a blended family easier when the adults are getting along, and when to introduce your new partner to your kids.

A little about Nicole, she’s been an entrepreneur for 10 years, she’s President/CEO of her company, a wife and mom, and now an author.

Join me as I talk with Nicole about our blended family experiences and get some pointers on how to make blending your families together a lot easier. 

Nicole’s book "Blended To Perfection" will be out this Christmas. Head to her social media to stay updated with release dates. ☺️

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