Oct. 28, 2020

Bestie Chat: We Review Poddecks!

Bestie Chat: We Review Poddecks!
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In this week's episode of Bestie Chat, we review Pod Decks. Kryssie and Lola go through a few of the decks available and play a little This or That and Would You Rather. Poddecks were created by Travis Brown and it’s either a physical deck or you can get the app and sign up for a membership to get access to all the decks and even more helpful information on how to start and run your podcast. The decks have many different categories and they update with new ones as well. Can’t figure out what to talk about for a podcast episode? Wanna take a break from your regular podcasting structure? Have a podcast guest interview and don’t know what questions to ask? Poddecks will get you through for sure with so many options to choose from. Even building your own personal deck of questions. Check out more on Poddecks below!

Instagram @poddecks


Podcast and episode I heard about Travis and Poddecks:

Podcasting Step by Step with Sarah Mikutel

Episode 78: Ask Better Interview questions on your Podcast with Pod Decks:



Mentioned in this episode:

Drakes Barber

Drakes Beard

Old school Jay-Z vs his new school haircut

The Good Place 

We give snaps for good job interviews, we celebrate 3 podcast guest bookings and 25 downloads on the podcast since starting Bestie Chat last month. 🙌🏽

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