The Awkward Mom Stage

The Awkward Mom Stage

The Awkward Mom Stage is a lifestyle podcast created by Lola Nicole where she talks to friends and experts about life, motherhood, and everything in between. Every week Lola brings her monotone humor along to discuss topics that we all struggle with whether you're a parent or not. No matter what you juggle on your plate of life every day, things can get messy. Join Lola as she awkwardly navigates through millennial mom life.

If you feel stuck in an identity crisis, struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling like your life lacks direction, or your goals feel distant. You're not alone. This podcast celebrates life for exactly what it is, AWKWARD!

If you're about getting you life together while sharing the awkward moments and dropping the occasional F Bomb, you're in the right place. Hit the follow button because life is much easier with friends along for the ride. Join Lola and sometimes a guest or two as we go through this awkward thing called life together.

Always Remember You’re Beautiful!


Recent Episodes

"I Need a Break" Taking a 2 Week Break

Aug. 12, 2022

We're taking a 2-week break. Lola will return with more episodes, new guests, and more fun for the show Friday, September 6th, @ 7 am est. See you then! Let’s Connect: Lola on Instagram: ht…

"Never Rely on Memory" Do More, Stress Less with Alexis Haselberger

Aug. 5, 2022

Lola sits down and talks to Alexis Haselberger, a productivity, time management, and stress-reduction coach who teaches you how to do more and stress less. She talks to us about how she helps busy people wrangle their busy, …

"I Gotta Put Me First" Learning to Love Yourself First

July 29, 2022

Lola talks about why your relationship may be dulling or you’re having a hard time finding a good relationship and why how you're loving yourself may be the thing that’s blocking you. Let’s Connect:…

"Mom Guilt is Real" Showing Up For You with LaNesha Gipson

July 22, 2022

Lola sits down and chats with Life Coach and mom of 3 LaNesha Gipson about taking time for you, self care, and how mom guilt can keep moms from prioritizing themselves and filling up their own cup. Let’s Connect: https://msh…

"Find What Makes You Happy" Practicing Gratitude

July 15, 2022

Lola talks about practicing gratitude even in hard times. Let’s Connect: Lola on Instagram: Shop my Digital Etsy Store:…

"I Am Enough" Breakthrough Healing with Michele Molitor

July 8, 2022

I sat down with Michele Molitor. She’s a CEO, Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, & Hypnotherapist. We talked about being enough, taking time out for you, Rapid rewiring and co-authoring the book Breakthrough Healing. Michele …